Court Forms



     The forms below are being provided by the Court as a convenience to the public. Each packet contains
   instructions that must be followed in order for the Court to accept the documents. If all forms are not
  completed, the Clerk or Court may reject the forms for filing.

     Although individuals do have a right to represent his or herself before the Court, he or she will be held to the
  same rules, laws, and standards as attorneys practicing before the Court.  The Court and the Clerk are forbidden
  by law to provide any legal advice.  If you have any legal questions or are unable to complete all of the necessary
  forms, please consult with an attorney.  If you do not have an attorney, you may contact the Ottawa County Bar
  Association at for a referral. 

      Dissolution without Children

      Dissolution with Children

      Divorce without Children

      Divorce with Children

      Answer to Divorce without Children

      Answer to Divorce with Children

     Motion to Show Cause (Contempt Motion)

     Motion to Modify Parenting Time


     For all other civil, criminal and domestic relations forms, please follow the link to the
     Ottawa County Clerk of Courts website. 

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