The Jury Trial Notice on this page may not be accurate until after 4:30 PM the day before trial.


If you received a summons ordering you to appear for jury service please call (419) 734-6704 and listen to the recorded message to determine whether or not you will need to appear for jury service.  Thank you.

Remember, parking is always at a premium at the Court House. Being early helps a little!

There are no excuses from jury service except those specifically given in writing by Judge Winters.

Jury Service is a serious responsibility of citizenship. We believe you know that. Jury Service is also an inconvenience, and we want you to know that we appreciate that as well.  We will do all in our power to make your stay with us in the Common Pleas Court as comfortable and stress free as possible.  When you arrive for Jury Service, exit the elevator on the third floor of the Courthouse and turn left, reporting to the office of the Clerk of Courts.  Mr. Kohli's' staff will sign you in and direct you to the main Court Room (No. 1).  Please be seated in the Court Room.  Do not wait in the hallway.  At about 8:30 a.m. you will be shown a 25-minute video explaining the nature of Jury Service and the Jury Selection process.  We will make every effort to begin trial at 9:00 a.m.  If there are delays, Judge Winters' bailiff will explain them to you.  After getting over the inevitable initial "jitters", we believe you will find the experience rewarding.

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